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Meeting My Idol Afgan

Halo sahabat pembaca semua.Apa kabarnya semoga dalam keadaan sehat ya dan masih tetap semangat belajar bahasa inggrisnya, Untuk adik-adik pelajar yang sudahmulai kembali sekolahnya pastinya tetap semanagat ya. Baiklah pada kesempatan kali ini penulis kan memberikan suatu contoh teks yang menceritakan tentang tokoh idola,pastinya kalia punya donk tokoh idola masing-masing?  dan temtunya punya impian untukbertemu langsung bukan?Nah berikut ini contohnya;

Meeting My Idol Afgan
Meeting My Idol Afgan

Meeting My idol

Afgan has always been my favorite singer, I had always been thinking of how I would feel when I meet him. Then I was suddenly hit by lightning when I found out. Afgan was coming to town for a concert,there would be a meet and greet event at a local radio station feeling excited,I packed all my Afgan's CDs to get his signature at the event.
aon that bright and sunny Saturday morning ,the radio station was full of Afganism (that's show how Afgan fans are called). .They sat on the chairs prepared inside the radio station's lobby. Some stood in rows in the front yard of the radio station. A sport inside a lobby was prepared with a mini stage for Afgan's singing performance about 40 or 50 minutes wait, Afgan showed up from inside the radio station. He smiled and waved to all Afganism who had been waiting excitedly saying"Goo morning". How are you all? The crowd went grazy. The shouts sounded like a mix of "Fine,thank you" and screams of Afgan's name.
Then he started the event by singing his hit single"Dia dia dia".Afganism went even crazier;they sang along with him throughout the song. Of course ,I did too,I couldn't take my eyes off this amazing singer who had released three albums. When he was finished with the song,the host announced that it was time for autographing the memorabilia, I prepared my CDs and began to stand in the line. When I arrived at the table,I was speechless. It was  unreal just seeing him that because he really just felt like a normal person,which was awesome .He asked my name so that be could write it on the CD to say"To Mia,Love Afgan" He was also very friendly ,so I didn't feel too nervous when I had a chance to take pictures with him. He was just an amazing person . That was one of the best days in my personal life history.


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