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Interview With The Wright Brothers

Interview With The Wright Brothers

In 1950,there was a TV talk show that interview great inventors at that time, Below is a script of interview with The Wright brother.

Interview With The Wright Brothers
Interview With The Wright Brothers

Host : Hello and welcome to our talk show tonight,Great Inventors !Today we have very special guests. Orville and Wilbur Wright. We are going to ask them about their revolutionary inventions . What do you call your invention?

Orville : We invented airplane.
Host : Airplane?What is the tool for?
Orville : It's tool that will help human being to fly!
Host : Ooohh. it is like a flying car! How did you get the inspiration?
Orville : Our dad gave us a toy helicopter that flew with the help of rubber bands. We've been interested in the idea since then.
Wilbur : Orville has always liked to build kites,so,we have experimented with making our own helicopter for while now.
Host : But that was only a toy,what about the actual plane?
Wilbur : Orville made the first flight with our first plane at Kitty Hawk on December 14 ,2903.
Host : Why did you choose Kitty hawk?
Orville : Kitty Hawk had a hill,good breezes ,and was sandy. The condition would help soften the landing in case of a crash . The first flight lasted 12 second and they flew 120 feet.
Wilbur : We have worked and experiment with gliders to perfect the wing design and controls since then.
Host : I see,So you've had the newest of your airplane?
Wilbur : Yes,Recently, I took a newly designed airplane that we called the flyer II for the flight lasting over 5 minutes.
Host : How amazing !I think this invention will be a big thing soon.
Wilbur : Our father has asked us not to fly together . He said it's for the safety reason.
Orville : Yes,we will continue making more experiment so that airplane will be available for everyone soon.
Host : Okay,we wish you good luck with the next experiment.

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