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Contoh Dialog Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Dialogue between Investor and Interpreter
Investor           : where is the cheaper and comfortable here?
Interpreter       : I’m sorry Miss, I think it is rare comfortable and cheaper hotel around here
Investor           : Do you know where the Reach Carlton hotel is?
 Interpreter      : Near Miami city
Investor           : How much does it cost here to Reach Carlton Hotel?
Interpreter       : It is only twenty thousands rupiah Miss
Investor           : How to get there?
Interpreter       : By taxi, but if we want to get the this, the cost only two thousands rupiah
Investor           : Is it far here?
Interpreter       : Yes so far.

Contoh Dialog Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Dialogue between Interpreter, Receptionist and Investor
Interpreter       : Where is the reception office?
Receptionist    : Over there, in the first floor
Interpreter       : Excuse me, do you have an available room?
Receptionist    : Yes we have.
Interpreter       : May I see the room?
Receptionist    : Please follow me, I will show it to you?
Investor           : Excuse me, may I have a room for five night?
Receptionist    : Which one of the rooms do you want?
Investor           : I want a double rooms looking over the park
Receptionist    : You can have a good view here?
Investor           : Thanks
Receptionist    : Do you want a full-board or just bad and breakfast?
Investor           : I want full board
Receptionist    : We can Manage, miss
Investor           : Thanks’
Receptionist      : I’m sorry miss, how many days do you expect to stay because the room for five nights was lost
Investor             : Ok, I will stay here at least was last
Receptionist      : Ok miss, have a lovely say
Investor             : Thanks
Dialogue between secretaries Resort, Investor and interpreter 
Secretaries’ resort        : Good morning miss?
Investor                       : Good morning
Secretaries’ resort        : What is your name?
Investor                       : Oh, my name is Lia Gustiara, and you?
Secretaries’ resort        : My name is Tia, where do you come from miss?
Investor                       : I come from Java and where do you come from?
Secretaries’ resort        : I come from here California, Where do you stay here?
Investor                       : I stay in Reach Colton Hotel here, and you?
Secretaries’ resort        : I stay in California also, when you came in Indonesia, miss
Investor                       : Yesterday
Secretaries’ resort        : How about Indonesia miss?
Investor                       : Indonesia is beautiful but California more beautiful
Secretaries’ resort        : Where place have your ever visit, miss?
Investor                       :  I have everyone to los angles, lass Vegas, Miami and another place
Secretaries’ resort        : Miss we have many plan in building this Resort for the first we will built this Resort near Bibe island beach. This resort has many facilities for example swimming pool, SPA, Restaurant, and beautiful garden
Investor                       : Oh, It’s beautiful Resort, how much money that I should invest to you
Secretaries’ resort        : At last one hundred million dollar? And you get 10% advantage from your money
Investor                       : Oh, Like that, Ok I will invest to you one hundred million dollar, when I must transfer to you?
Secretaries’ resort        : As soon as Possible

Investor                       : Ok, Thanks you, see you next time

Itulah contoh dialog dalam bahasa inggris, mudah-mudahan artikel ini dapat membantu dan semoga bermanfaat...

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