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Contoh Cerita Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris ~ Pada kali ini penulis akan berbagi contoh cerita pendek di rumah sakit dalam bentuk bahasa inggris. Bila kamu sedang mencari contoh cerita pendek, cerita ini dapat kamu jadikan bahan pilihan. berikut contoh ceritanya :

Contoh Cerita Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Cerita Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris

In Hospital short story

“Men are Big Babies”
Anna had always wanted to be nurse. When she come to england,she applied for a job in a London hospital.” I want to be nurse,but I haven’t had any training”she said to the matron.”That doesn’t matter.You’II star as a student nurse.”aswered the matron.
Anna earned very little money and the work was hard. But she enjoyed it.she made the beds,carried trays at meal times,and halped to wash patients. Sometime,she put the screens round the patients’beds during the surgeons’visits. She was able to watch the doctor and the nursese at work. She learnt a lot.
On morning,Anna was alone in the men’s ward. She was trying to push an empaty bed. But she could not move it. Some of the man were drinking their tea. Others were reading. But when they sawAnna at work,they put down their cups and their books.”You”re too pretty to do hard work like that,”said one young man.”Let me help you.”You mustn’t get out of  bed.Mr.Macgregor,”Anna said.”Call me Jim.’Said the young man. I’m not ill anymore ,I”m leaving the hospital tomorrow.
At the moment,the man in the next bed began to groan.”Oh I’have a terrible pain.”Anna run to the bed and looked at the man. He had only arrived that morning. He was young and good-looking.His face his rather White and his eyes were half shut.”hold my hand ,”he said to Anna .I’m going to die.”
Anna took his hand.”where’s the pain?”she asked anxiously.”Anna said “No”,said the young man.”Don’t leave me.”
“Jack’s not really ill.”said Jim.” He just wants to hold your hand. Why you don’t take his temperature?Here’s a thermometer.”
Anna took the thermometer and put in Jack’s mouth. After two minutes she took it out and read it.Jack had a temprature of 180 o Fahrenheit.”That’s about 41o Centigrade!” Anna thought.”Help!” he cried .”I really I am dying.Get a doctor at once!”
The ward nurse heard the noise and come in.She soon found out about Jack’s temperature.Jack did not have a temperature at all.Jim had put the thermometer in his tea.The nurse smiled.” Men are big babies.”She said to Anna.”

Mudah-mudahan contoh cerita pendek di dalam rumah sakit ini dapat membantu kamu, semoga bermanfaat ya...

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