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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris "Dokter Dengan Pasien Di Rumah Sakit"

Percakapan Dokter Dengan Pasien Di Rumah Sakit

Contoh Percakapan 2 Orang Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Percakapan 2 Orang Bahasa Inggris

This is Forexample short Discuss Doctor with Patient.
Doctor        : Hello Mr Eddy. What’s the matter? You look So pale.
Mr.Eddy     : I don’t feel well,doctor. I havea headache,stiff nech,backache,and I’m very tired.
Doctor        : Do you have lot of problems these days?
Mr Eddy     :Yes I do,but only problems in the office.
Doctor        :All Right. Do you eat lot these days?
Mr Eddy     : No, I don’t.
Doctor        : Why?
Mr Eddy     : Because I lost my appetite recently.
Doctor        :I see hmm...Please,lie down on the bed.
Mr.Eddy     :Of course. Do you want me to take off my shirt?
Doctor        :Sure,I want to check how you breathe.

(after the docter checks Mr.Eddy)

Mr Eddy     : What happens to me, Doctor?
Doctor        :I think you are just stessed Mr.Eddy.You have high blood pressure and your heart is beating rapidly.You must have very difficult problems.
Mr.Eddy     :Yes, I do Doctor My company has financial problems.
Doctor        :You don’t get enough rest,do you?
Mr.Eddy     : No, I don’t. I always go to sleep late recently. I have to finish           my financial report as soon as possibble.
Doctor        : All right. I will give you a presciption. But you have to eat regulary and try to go sleep earlier every night.
Mr.eddy      : I will Doctor.Thank you!

Doctor        :You’re welcome!

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