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Contoh Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Cerita Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris 

Contoh Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris


This morning at five o’clock,the Green Montain Restaurantcought on fire. Nobody noticed the fire until six o’clock,when the house next door started to burn. 

Firefighters came from all over the area. They began to fight the fire at seven o’clock. Now it’s eight o’clock,and the fire is still going strong. 

The fire fighters are working hard,but they haven;t brought the blaze under control yet. Every few miutes they call for more help.

Fire Chief Brown says that in another hour they’II have put out the fire in the house. At that time, the hose will have been burning for three hours. 

Half the house will be gone. Chief Brown is afraid thet the fire in the reastaurant may go on until ten o’clock . Before it’s out,the restaurant will have been blazing for five hours. Every few minutes,part ofthe builiding fallsin.

Fire fighters will have been fighting the fire in the restaurant for three hours.They’II have been pumping water out of Green Mountain lake to put out fire. They’II have been holding their hoses on the fire the whole time. However,the fire will have been burning too long. 

By the time the fire is under contro,nothing will remain of the restaurant. The firefighters will have been working with all their streinght,but it will have been too little and too late.

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