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Contoh Cerita Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris ( Khalifah dan Badut )

Berikut Contoh Cerita Khalifah dan Badut Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Short Story the caliph and the clown

Contoh Cerita Pendek Dalam Bahasa Inggris ( Khalifah dan Badut )


The Caliph of Baghdad hired an intelegent and high spirited man as his court jester.and was much amused by his clever,witty comments. The clown was  well loved by this master that everyone at court showed him great respect. And so the Caliph was much surprised one day when he heard his beloved clown crying out in distress from the throne room. The Caliph hurried the clown badly.

“Leave him alone at once”He ordered. “Why are you beating him?”

“We found him sitting on your throne, Ooo majesty the captain of the guards explained.

“Out of my sight”commaded the Caliph.”For  sure the jester did not do it with the intention of offeding me.”

“The clown,However,continued to weeep and wall even after the guards had left.

“Stop it!Said the irritated Caliph.

“You’re still in one piece,aren’t you?

“I’m not crying for myself,my loard. I weep for you.”the clown explained.

“Certainly! If I get beaten so badly for having been only a few minutes on the throne,how many beating must you have suffered in all the years that you have been there?”

Itulah Contoh Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris yang berjudul Khalifah dan Badut, Baca juga contoh cerita lainya seperti Contoh Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris (Pangeran dan Sahabatnya) dan juga Contoh Cerita Kerajaan Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat...

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